Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Computer Assistant writes for the Yorkshire Reporter

Windows 10 introduces a number of new and improved features in an effort to catch up with other application providers and take back its position as a pioneer developer. First on the list is the controversial Start Menu. Many users disliked Windows 8 purely because the changes to the start menu were too radical, unfriendly and unfamiliar. Windows 10 offers the best of the old and the new. Users now have a simple list on the left hand side of the menu and tiles on the right. The menu can be resized and the tiles configured according to one’s preference.

Windows10 Task View
Windows10 Task View
The Taskbar has also been updated so that active apps and windows are simply underlined instead of highlighted and the icons have been given a new look. The best taskbar feature we found is the Task View feature. Open applications and windows could always be accessed using Alt-Tab on the keyboard but not many users were aware of this. To make things easier users can now view all open windows with a single click. Furthermore, the task view reveals the ability to simultaneously use multiple desktops. Quite handy for multiple screen users but more importantly it facilitates much better multi-tasking.
Say Hi to Cortana! Microsoft brings voice commands and search 
assistance from it mobile phones to Windows 10. Users are now able carry out an array of tasks based on the apps installed on the device. If Cortana can’t carry out your wishes it will search the internet on your behalf. Windows 10 introduces users to Microsoft Edge, a faster, slimmer and sleeker internet browser designed to match its rivals Chrome and Firefox. Its keynote feature is the ability to write directly on webpages for sharing, bookmarking and note taking. Together with Cortana the overall browsing experience has been improved. If however you can’t live without Explorer it’s always there in your apps list!
Another key feature of Windows 10 is the ability to work on and across several devices. The app Continuum, which is already built in, allows the same document to be used and updated on your laptop, tablet and PC with very little or no delay in synchronisation. You will also be able to, play games and stream video from your games console to your laptop or PC. Furthermore, in its attempt to play catch up with stores from Apple and Android, Microsoft has integrated the Windows Store into Windows 10 where users can obtain their music, games, TV shows and films. 
Windows 10 provides a plethora of developments and built in applications that are guaranteed to keep users occupied for months to come. If you’re thinking of upgrading to Windows 10 the choice is entirely yours. There are plenty of new features to experience and enjoy. Any initial bugs and glitches will, like any new software, be eventually resolved with updates, patches and fixes so if you don’t want to wait, go for it. In our article next month we will delve deeper into more Windows 10 features and share our experiences in resolving some of the common issues we see every day. Till then it’s Adios from The Computer Assistant.

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