Tuesday, 27 March 2012

What the hell is RAM!?


RAM is short for Random Access Memory it is vital for your computer to function, if you do not have it then your computer will not start-up correctly. RAM is use by the CPU in modern computers, it is often used as cache memory for the CPU. RAM stores a bit of data using a transistor and capacitor pair, which together comprise a memory cell.
There are many different types of RAM Double data rate (DDR) DDR2 DDR3. DDR3 is the latest and greatest; DDR3 operates at lower voltages, thereby consuming less power, and can transfer data at rates up to 12.8 GB per second, opposed to DDRs maximum transfer rate of 1600 MB/s.
The amount of RAM you can use is dependent on the operating system (OS) if you have a 64BIT OS then you can have up to 7.5GB of usable memory, if you don’t and you have a 32bit of (x86) then you will be limited to around 3GB of usable memory.

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