Friday, 10 February 2012

Problems with - Printers, Internet, Keyboards, Sounds, Display, Sharing

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Share files on a network

To  up file sharing in winws7, right click n the file  want to share, go to properties sharing tab, and lick share. Type everyone in the share with box and click add then click share. Press Windows key +pause to find your computers name.

On your other computer press windows key +r, type //computername and press enter.

This should bring up the shared files on your computer. If not, try turning off your security software on both mashines to make sure that it is not interfering. File sharing i windows Vista and XP is setup very similary to 7.


Setup dual screens

How to setup dual screens

Plug the second screen in. In Windows 7, right click on your desktop and go to screen resolution. Under multiply displays, choose the display mode you would like. I prefer Extend these displays. You can also press ctrl+p in windows 7 to toggle display modes. In Vista, right click on the desktop and go to personalize, display settings. In XP, right click on the desktop and go to properties, display settings.

Letter keys are typing numbers

This is caused by num lock being turned on. On most laptops you press the fn key plus they f key tht has num lock or num lock symbol on it to toggle num lock.

I do not have sound

First make sure that your speakers are plugged in correctly and the power/volume is on. If you have the sound icon in the tray, make sure it is not muted. Go to your computer manufacturer’s  website, find drivers and downloads, then download and install the audio drivers for your computer. Reboot and see it your sound works.

My screen looks to big/small

This is usually caused by using a screen resolution that is not suitable for you. Right click on your desktop and go to screen resolution (personalize then display settings in vista and properties then display settings in xp) then try different resolution until you find one that you like. If you cannot find one you like. You may be missing your display driver Go to your computer manufacturer’s website, find the divers and download the display drivers for your model.

My Printer will not print

This is usually caused by a problem with your printer driver. Go to start, type devices and printers in the search ad press enter. (in XP go to control panel, printers and faxes) Right click on your printer and go to delete. Restart your computer if it does not delete. Now go to your printer manufacturer’s website, find drivers and downloads, download the printer driver for your model and install it.


Can not get on the Internet

Press and hold the windows key (has the windows flag on it) then press r. In the run box type cmd and press enter. Type ping If your internet is working you will get 4 packets sent 4 received and 0 lost. If this is the case press menu on your phone and restart, then go to Problem with web browser. If the ping was unsuccessful, unplug our modem and router for about 10 seconds, and then try it again. You can also try skipping your router and plugging directly into your modem to see if there is a problem with your router.


 Cannot play YouTube videos

This is usually because you either don’t have adobe flash player or you have a problem with it. Download the flash removal tool from here: googl/CWOW2. After removing flash, go to and download and install adobe flash player.


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