Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How to Remove a Virus

Here are some steps to get rid of a Virus:
Boot into safe mode with networking. To get into safe mode turn off your computer, then turn it back on and start tapping the F8 key. You should get a screen that allows you to choose safe mode with networking with your keyboard. Once in Safe mode open Internet Explorer. In the address bar type:google and then search and download free version of virus removal tools. Some very good ones are avg, malware bytes, kasperski. Make sure when downloading, you dont click on the adverts.
After you instal the virus removal tool, do an update. Then scan your pc.
Reboot after you remove everything it finds and see if the virus is gone, well done.
If not, go back into safe mode with networking. Open Internet Explorer and go to google and Download Combofix from one of the mirrors and run it. Make sure you do not interrupt Combofix and check to see if the Virus is gone after you get the combofix log file.
Note: if you cannot download malwarebytes or Combofix, you can download them on another working computer and transfer them over with a flash drive or other storage device/media.

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