Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Google Chrome..what's the Review

It's also a great machine to give to technophobes -- Chrome OS is simply and easy to understand, and those users are less likely to need the grunt of desktop programs. Don't forget the security benefits either -- the way Chrome OS is happy to install its own updates quietly in the background, and the near-absence of any extra software to compromise, means that there's no mucking around with antivirus programs.
Systems settings are accessed through Chrome's wrench icon. In addition to the normal Chrome settings, you get the option to adjust touchpad, date/time and language settings, enable accessibility, manage users and switch between different Wi-Fi and 3G networks.
Chrome OS automatically downloads updates in the background, which are then pushed to your device as you reboot. On Windows or a Mac, this would be a pain. I'd have to save my work, close all my programs, wait for the updates to be installed, reboot, log back in and then start everything up again.

Google Chrome has taken this idea of cloud storage and added easy access to them from the browser to make it better. Delicious as we know it is closing down.
Founders of Youtube has taken over the website and is building something cool behind the scenes. But is it going to remain as a web based bookmarks site? no one is quite sure about it. But if you are a Google Chrome user, there is one option that you want to think of. Importing your bookmarks from your delicious account to make it a part of your Google Chrome bookmarks.

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  1. For some reason it used up a lot of CPU power, even though the task manager said I was only using 10%. I guess this is probably because it's made for chromebooks and not normal laptops. Seems nice and streamlined, ideal for web browsing.